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Dr. Topher Morrison
Topher Morrison Inc.
“Over the years, I have known Stanley to be a coach with special skills, who can easily reach the core of your being, helping you to make the personal and professional change you desire.”
Frank Forster
Past Area President ASC
“Stanley is a natural and charismatic communicator and public speaker. He has the ability to enthral, educate, and entertain any audience fortunate enough to listen to one of his speeches.”
Ian Price
Business Training Direct
“I am delighted to commend Stanley as a speaker with a great ability to motivate, enthuse and inspire an audience. Stanley has a powerful voice which commands your attention, ensures each presentation is memorable and leaves you wanting more. Using real life examples, Stanley will take you on a journey of discovery. Each audience member will be able to take something positive away from time spent listening to this motivating speaker.”
Ochuko Onoberhie
Westhill Technologies Ltd.
“I had had a challenge of applying my latent potentials in achieving my goals. Knowing what to do, doing something about it, and persistently doing what needed to be done where issues that kept me failing in applying my full potentials. After receiving coaching from Stanley, and putting to use his unique tools and support, there came a new turn around and an amazing life. Now I’m much more confident, focused, and resilient in achieving my goals.”
Sura Shote
Movie Director
“Since having Stanley as my coach, I have changed my career successfully and have started achieving my almost-impossible-to-achieve dreams. I’m currently applying his technique right now as I embark on producing a special feature film project. I can truly say that no person could have helped me connect to my dreams as Stanley does.”

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"You are destined for the heights when you decide, commit, and resolve to."
          - Stanley Tseke

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